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This section provides access to a series of application and notification forms to assist applicants for a licence to carry on a pharmacy business or pharmacy department  and for licensees seeking registration of pharmacy businesses, pharmacy departments or pharmacy depots.


> VP31 Change to commercial arrangements for pharmacy business (PDF, 201KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP34 Notification of closure of registered pharmacy business, pharmacy department, pharmacy depot (PDF, 179KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP35 Completion of alterations to existing pharmacy premises (PDF, 155KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP36 Completion of new pharmacy premises (PDF, 175KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP36a Completion of new Pharmacy DEPOT Premises (PDF, 149KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP36b VP36b Completion of New Pharmacy Department Satellite (PDF, 142KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP37 Transfer or sale of ownership of pharmacy business or pharmacy department (PDF, 165KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP37a Discontinuance as Director or Shareholder of Licensed Company (PDF, 137KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP38 Settlement of Purchase of Pharmacy - Pharmacist (PDF, 173KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP38a Settlement of Purchase of Pharmacy - Company (PDF, 175KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP39 Commencement new pharmacy business - pharmacist (PDF, 175KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP39a Appointment as Director or acquisition of shares in Licensed Company (PDF, 162KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP40 Commencement of new pharmacy business - Company (PDF, 175KB) Updated: 06/05/2019
> VP40a Commencement of new pharmacy department (PDF, 163KB) Updated: 06/05/2019